Corporate brand strategy consultancy

Our Philosophy

Line of Sight

At OTH Strategies, our work is guided by our values and our experience. We help our clients move their corporate brands over the horizon through a careful blend of the two.

Our Philosophy

We believe no two problems are the same and that most can be traced to a reputation issue. We believe that corporate reputation is the sum of many parts, not a standalone entity. We believe that the intersection of business and society is a powerful place. And we believe that well-developed data can drive meaningful conversations about your brand. With these beliefs as our guide, we identify how we can help solve the problem you’re facing or capture the opportunity before you.

Our Values

  • Humility

    We listen more than we talk. We believe that our clients are the best people to make smart and strategic decisions about their organizations. Our job is to help you see a challenge or an opportunity in a new way and map the very best path through it.

  • Excellence

    We are fiercely committed to the quality of our work. Our strategy will be holistic, customized and effective. Our thinking will be grounded in data, our philosophy and our experience. And our work will be delivered to you quickly and efficiently with an exceedingly high standard of quality and a fundamental understanding of your world.

  • Independence

    We’re entrepreneurs. We use our experience and expertise to chart new territory for our clients. We’re agile and flexible.

  • Integrity

    We believe in our clients’ missions. We choose to work with clients whose goals we can view as our own. We deliver on our promises. We take an evidence-based approach and use measurement to guide strategy and measure outcomes.

  • Partnership

    We’re critical thinkers, team players and trusted advisors deeply committed to our work and consistently described as an extension of our clients’ teams.